Take Down The Final Boss of The Surge With These Rogue Process Boss Tips

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This is it, the final battle against the bizarre Rogue Process. Defeat this boss, and you’ll beat The Surge. Here’s how we did it.

Deep in the Nucleus of the CREO facility, you’ll encounter a whole new type of enemy — strange, inorganic and geometric imitations of life. They change form at will, and the Rogue Process is no different. It takes two forms, and both can crush Warren if he doesn’t play carefully.

Get all our tips below, and learn how to unlock the two endings available for The Surge. Depending on your actions in the Nucleus, you can get one of two outcomes. Get all the details on the endings and tips for the last boss right here.

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How to Beat Rogue Process | Boss Strategy Guide

Before encountering the Rogue Process, there are two endings you can unlock depending on your actions in the Nucleus. Find the Utopia Staging Area, and use the terminal near the under-construction rocket to upload the virus. Then, in the command center on the top floor, use the second terminal to unlock the path on Level 1 that leads to the Rogue Process.

Whether you uploaded the virus or didn’t will determine which ending you get. Keep that in mind before encountering the Rogue Process.

NOTE: We unlocked 75 Power Cores before attempting this fight.

Phase 1: Giant Creature

The enormous Rogue Process beast uses a two-hit combo, using its right claw. Don’t stay too close for long, or it will use a quick area-of-effect spike attack. Try to stay on its left side, strafing right and attacking it from behind while it attempts to lunge forward with its left claw.

Try to Overcharge the Power Circuit, and the Rogue Process will protect it. Continue to strafe right and attack the legs until the Rogue Process is stunned. When it is, run to the Power Circuit and attack the black mass covering it up.

The Rogue Process will wake up – return to the fight and keep attacking until you’ve stunned it again. After several hits to the Power Circuit wall, you’ll be able to Overcharge and destroy the panel, completing the first phase of the fight.

Phase 2: Human-Sized Duel

The second phase introduces a new form for the Rogue Process. It’s now a human-sized opponent. Its fast, agile, and dangerous. You’ll need to use everything you have to stop it. Bring plenty of Vital Injections, and remember to dodge often. Dodge and weave, using sprint-attacks or dodge-attacks to get in close, then dodge out of its range. Keep plenty of stamina so you can slip around or behind its attacks.

Most of it, play it safe and be cautious. The human-sized Rogue Process has a new health bar, but it isn’t that tough. It is lightning fast, and can zip across the arena and unleash a series of attacks. Don’t let it catch you in a combo. If you’re using heavy weapons, go for one attack at a time.

The Rogue Process really doesn’t have any special attacks to watch out for. When it completes a 3-hit combo, it will strike the ground and launch three projectiles in an arc, but the launch is pretty tight. If you stay close and dodge left / right, you’ll always avoid it.

The Rogue Process doesn’t dish out much damage. Beef up your defense if you’re taking too much damage per hit — a few Mk. 4 upgrades to your gear will help make this battle very manageable.

Otherwise, he isn’t too bad. Take this creature down, and you’ve completed [I]The Surge.

[I]The Rogue Process isn’t too bad, right? Did you have more trouble than we did? Let us know if you’re struggling and we’ll help out in the comments.

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