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Jump into World 1-1 of the Nintendo classic Super Mario Bros. in Dying Light’s most two-dimensional Easter egg.

The developers at Techland didn’t just include a hidden room painted up to look exactly like the first stage of Nintendo’s NES Mario platformer, they also threw in an experimental flying suit that gives players a new way to travel. Even finding that cool extra piece of gear is tough. Why? Invisible blocks, along with zombified goombas, make their big Dying Light debut.

First-person platforming is making the rounds again. The boost-jump mechanics in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel lead to their very own version of the Mario Bros. Easter egg. At the end of that campaign, leaping into one of the massive pipes puts Vault Hunters inside a blocky, pixelated pipe world. That’s pretty cool, but Borderlands doesn’t have a flying squirrel suit.

Mario Bros. World 1-1 Easter Egg Guide

Find the Mario Bros. easter egg hidden in Old Town, along with a Pyza Suit Blueprint referencing the Tanooki Suit.

How to Enter World 1-1

  • 1. Reach the Old Town Map, then travel to the far southeast corner.
  • 2. Climb up to the rooftops and search the chimneys or a small green pipe.
  • 3. Hold down the interact button — try standing on the chimney — and pull the cap. A new option will appear; enter World 1-1.

The 2D landscape is printed on the left wall, and the path ahead is completely linear, as if you were experiencing a Mario game from a first-person perspective.

Watch out for the tiny zombie Goombas! They’re not even adorable, just really, really weird.

How to Get the Pyza Suit Blueprint

Dying Light Mario World 1-1 Easter Egg
  • 1. To grab the Tanooki Suit while in this area, stop at the first gab in the floor after clambering past several green pipes.
  • 2. There’s an invisible block floating in the air that activates when you jump into it. Jump around the platform right before the gap to find it.
  • 3. Once you hit the secret pink block, climb onto it and grab the Pyza Suit blueprint.

Complete the level by leaping to the pole at the end and hopping into the last green pipe.

So, what does the Pyza Suit do? While holding [L2 / LT] you’ll extend your hands and glide through the air. Don’t expect the level of control found in something like Far Cry 4, but the squirrel suit gets the job done.

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