The possibilities of augmented reality games are tested to the limit with this video concept for Metal Slug and the Wii U controller.

People have been talking about how cool augmented reality would be for use in all kinds of games from tabletop RPGs to first person shooters. Nintendo made some strides in providing some really intriguing augmented reality games packed in with the 3DS, and the proposed controller for Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, has potential in delivering an AR experience that we’ve never seen before. To that end, an enterprising YouTube poster has “leaked” a representation of what it might be like to play Metal Slug characters battling on a kitchen counter.

The people who made the video did a fair job of using the logos for the ESRB and SNK – the studio behind Metal Slug – to make it seem authentic yet the proposed game is clearly just the seed of an idea before its turned into a concept. The released specs for the Wii U controller do not even include a rear-facing camera. I’m not sure how such a game would be played exactly or even if it would be possible given the technology available.

But if I could take cover behind an ashtray full of butts and move forward blowing up vehicles before taking on General Morden’s evil forces? Yeah, I’d be all over that.

Source: YouTube

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