This week marks the anniversary of Dungeon and Dragons creator Gary Gygax’s death. In his honor, we’ve got a pair of D&D-inspired quizzes for you, written by Archon himself. The man knows Dungeons and Dragons like you know your name, so here’s hoping you rolled a really high Wisdom stat.

We’ve got two flavors of quiz for you, Normal and Impossible, depending on whether you’re a 4th Edition or Red Box kind of player. (I kid, I kid.)

As always, you can take as long as you like for each quiz, and even retry them if you didn’t score 100%, but keep in mind your cumulative time will affect your position on our leaderboards.

May you behold many wonders (but not a beholder) and roll nothing but natural 20s, adventurers!

(Take the Normal quiz.)

(Take the Impossible quiz.)

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