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Grab your sword and get your hair gel: It’s time to test your Final Fantasy know-how!

Heya, Escaparinos – it’s John Funk here. Susan’s been hit by a Petrify spell this week, so while we’re digging around in our bags for a Soft in order to fix things, we’ll be serving up not one, but two quizzes based on Square-Enix’s longrunning Final Fantasy JRPG series! (I guess there’s a game coming out this week or something? Who knew?)

The Normal quiz is suited for people who have only just dabbled in the series – maybe played a game or two, or just heard tons of information about it from a friend. On the other hand, if you wake up every morning and strap fifteen unnecessary belts onto your outfit, then you might want to take our Impossible quiz. But consider yourself warned: The Impossible quiz draws from the entire Final Fantasy series all the way back to 1988, so you better have your Phoenix Downs ready!

You can take the quizzes as many times as you like shooting for that perfect score, but beware, because your times will be reflected in the leaderboard.

If you think you’re ready to show the world just how much you know about Final Fantasy, then what are you waiting for?

(Take the Normal Final Fantasy quiz.)
(Take the Impossible Final Fantasy quiz.)

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