Take The Escapist Harry Potter Quiz!


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has finally hit the cineplex, but how much do you really know about The Boy Who Lived?

Ok, we admit it: We’re Harry Potter nerds here at The Escapist. We read the books. We see the movies. One of us may even have her very own Gryffindor House scarf. If you share our love of all things Potter, now’s the time to strut your stuff by scoring a perfect 10 on our quiz.

Try it even if you’ve only seen the movies — you’ll be surprised at how much you know! You can take as long as you like, but remember, you’re being timed for leaderboard purposes.

Wands ready, everyone…Accio, Quiz!

Update: Due to some conflicting reports regarding the question “What do Muggles see when they look at Hogwarts?” that question has been removed and a new one has been added. Our apologies for the confusion!

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