Want to help make The Escapist a better magazine, or maybe a shot at some free stuff? Then tell us about yourselves with the new Themis Media Demographic Survey, a new quickie poll that might just make the internet a better place.

The survey, which should take less than five minutes to wrap up, will be used by The Escapist as well as GUComics, MobyGames, and WarCry to help us continue to provide the kind of top-flight information that can only come from top-flight sites. And for those who aren’t into the whole altruism thing, respondents who meet the inevitable legal requirements for eligibility will be entered into a draw for one of three $100 Amazon gift cards. Spend ’em however you want, as long as you spend ’em at Amazon.

So saddle up, look deep within yourselves, and check those boxes! (Drop-down menus may also be present.) For those who missed the first link, the official rules can be found here. Ready? Go!

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