Roaches check in to take the quiz, but they don’t check out.

This week’s issue of The Escapist magazine is all about bugs and glitches in games. We thought that we’d do a quiz about famous gaming bugs, but then realized that we didn’t know if we could think of ten really famous glitches off the top of our head that people might actually have heard of.

So instead, we thought we’d take things a bit more literally, and run a quiz about … famous gaming bugs. No, the other kind. The kind that skitter around outside, or inside if you haven’t been cleaning well enough. You know, those bugs – and other, bug-like things (yes, we know spiders are arachnids).

If you think you’ve got the entomological knowledge to best this quiz, try your luck here! As with all of our quizzes, you can take it as many times as you’d like to get a perfect score, but your time will be reflected on our leaderboards.

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