Take The Extra Shiny Escapist Firefly Quizzes!


We here at The Escapist love us some Firefly, so we’ve decided to give you a pair of quizzes about Mal, Zoe, and the rest Serenity’s crew.

You know how this goes by now: One quiz is regular strength, the other is high-octane. Only true Browncoats will score 100% on the Impossible quiz their first time through, and if you think that sounds like a challenge…it is.

Keep in mind, both quizzes refer only to Firefly the TV show, and do not include information from the movie Serenity. As always, you can take as long as you like, but your overall time will affect your position on the leaderboards.

Ready to go? Shiny!

(Take the Firefly quiz.)

(Take the Impossible Firefly quiz.)

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