Test your general nerd knowledge with our random quiz.

Part of being a good little dork is retaining vast amounts of knowledge in the gray matter in our noggins. I know more about various videogames, imagined worlds and fantastical science than most people do about their supposedly advanced professions. A good CPA might be able to rattle off accountant knowledge at will, but gamers know an impressive number of character names, firearm facts, classes in RPGs and fake locations to fill an Alexandria’s library full of tomes and scrolls.

So we at The Escapist wanted to test that knowledge with another Big Dose of Random Quiz. There’s no specific area of knowledge needed, just the basics of classic film series and videogames.

Feel free to take the quiz as many times as needed to score 100 percent but it will take a quick hand to answer all of these questions correctly and get yourself to the top of the leaderboard.

Take our Random Quiz here and see if you score high enough to enter the Pantheon of Dork.

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