Take-Two has reached a settlement in the class-action lawsuit brought against them for allegedly knowingly putting the “Hot Coffee” sex minigame into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Hey guys, remember that whole “Hot Coffee” scandal? Man, that seems forever ago. Who knew back then that now we’d be playing games with wireless controllers and the latest and greatest form of media storage is something called the Blu-Ray? Who also figured that four years later, Take-Two would still be settling legal affairs relating to “Hot Coffee.” I know the courts take forever in this country, but yeesh.

Well, I’m sure it’s a load off of Take-Two’s lawyers minds that this class-action case against the company has finally been settled. More than that, I’m positive it’s a load off of Take-Two’s bank account: the settlement amounted to a hefty $20,115,000 that will be placed in a fund for the “benefit of class members.” Around $15 million is being paid for by Take-Two’s insurance carriers, while the other five is coming out of Take-Two’s pockets.

“We are pleased to have reached this settlement, which represents another important step forward for the Company,” Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick said.

Sure took them long enough.

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