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Take Your Diablo 3 Archon Wizard’s Power Level to Over 9000!

Wizard Archon Build Diablo fb

This Diablo 3 patch 2.4.1 Wizard archon build using Vyr’s set is crushing Greater Rift 96 on the Public Test Realm. Here’s a guide on how you can, too.

Note: This build was created on the Public Test Realm, where balance changes may still occur. Check back in the future for any updates to this guide in accordance with balance changes.

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Both the wizard’s Archon skill and Vyr’s set are seeing massive buffs in upcoming patch 2.4.1, and this build showcases its current level of power on the Public Test Realm. Dare I say it’s over 9000? It’s certainly over Greater Rift 90.

1. Gear


Vyr Kanai Cube

The [d3=’//’ item=’Archon skill’] superpowers you for a short time, and every time you kill an enemy while in Archon form, you gain an “Archon stack,” becoming even more powerful. The [d3=’//’ item=’Vyr set’] buffs your Archon form even further and allows you to gain stacks just from hitting enemies instead of killing them. Archon is the heart of this build, and we’re assembling all the items, sets, and skills we can to maximize our Archon power.

Apart from Vyr’s set, you’ll want [d3=’//’ item=’Fazulas Improbable Chain’], which lets you automatically start with up to 50 Archon stacks. You then want to throw in [d3=’//’ item=’the Chantodo set’], which lets you expel a wave of destruction every second while in Archon form. Further, every time you land an attack while outside of Archon form, your eventual wave of destruction becomes more powerful, stacking to huge damage.

As an item you’ll want to have in your Kanai’s Cube, [d3=’’ item=’the Swami’] allows your Archon stack buffs to last for 20 seconds after you exit Archon form. This will give you everything you need to survive until you can re-enter Archon form.

An [d3=’’ item=’Obsidian Ring of the Zodiak’] will help get you back into Archon form as quickly as possible thanks to its cooldown reduction power: every time you hit with a resource-spending attack, the remaining cooldown on one of your abilities is reduced by one second.

[d3=’’ item=’The Endless Walk set’] serves as a great boost to this build, increasing your damage while standing still and your toughness while moving around.

Two items that will synergize well together are the [d3=’’ item=’Halo of Arlyse’] and the [d3=’’ item=’Ancient Parthan Defenders’]. The Halo of Arlyse’s freeze effect counts as a stun, which lets you benefit from the added damage reduction from the Ancient Parthans.

Click through these images for all the gear pieces you want equipped and the optimal stats on each.

Vyr Archon Skills Diablo

2. Skills

[d3=’’ item=’Arcane Torrent’] with the Static Discharge rune makes every missile explode into two piercing bolts. Because we want our Obsidian Ring to trigger as often as possible, we’re opting for this rune.

We take [d3=’’ item=’Ice Armor’] due to its synergy with the Halo of Arlyse. The Crystallize rune will enable us to often take advantage of the armor buff, since this is a melee build.

‘ item=’Magic Weapon’] with the Deflection rune gives us a damage buff and absorb shield.

[d3=’’ item=’Teleport’] gives us great utility, and the Safe Passage rune adds survivability.

[d3=’’ item=’Frost Nova’] with the Deep Freeze rune is a great skill to pop right before entering Archon form. You’ll gain a damage buff lasting throughout half of your Archon duration. A different option that would sacrifice some utility in favor of damage would be [d3=’
‘ item=’Familiar ‘]with the Sparkflint rune.

For our passives, we want [d3=’’ item=’Audacity’], because most of the damage we deal is happening right in front of us; we want [d3=’’ item=’Evocation’], because we want to stack as much cooldown reduction as possible; and [d3=’’ item=’Unstable Anomaly’] and [d3=’’ item=’Blur’] will help us survive. Instead of Blur, you can opt for the more aggressive option, [d3=’’ item=’Unwavering Will’], which requires you to stay put to buff your damage and defenses.

3. Playstyle

This playstyle comes together by maximizing the effectiveness of all your buffs and stacks. You ideally do not want to enter Archon form until you have 20 Chantodo stacks, because the wave of destruction is a huge part of your overall damage.

While in Archon mode, make sure you always have your Slow Time bubble up. Left Mouse Button will be your main Archon attack – it deals slightly more damage than Right Mouse Button and does so in an area around you. Leave Right Mouse Button for rare cases when you don’t want to be near enemies. Also, hold down the “1” key to constantly trigger the explosive blast around you.

When out of Archon form, try to re-enter Archon as quickly as possible. This entails spamming Arcane Torrent – but remember, only do so when you have no other skills on cooldown but Archon. The Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac randomly selects one skill that is currently on cooldown, but if Archon is the only one on cooldown, then it is guaranteed to be the one affected.

4. Legendary Gems

‘ item=’Bane of the Trapped’], [d3=’
‘ item=’Bane of the Stricken’], and [d3=’
‘ item=’Bane of the Powerful’].

5. Paragon Points

Start by getting your Move Speed up to 25, including what might be on your boots, then dump everything into Intelligence. Under Offense, prioritize Cooldown Reduction, then Critical Hit Chance and Damage. For Defense, start with Armor, then All Resist, then Life. For Utility, Resource Cost Reduction, Area Damage, and Life on Hit.

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