Target Slashes All Vita Prices To $199

PlayStation Vita

Come August 18, Target is reducing the price on all Vita systems to a mere $199, but if you’re interested in this deal you should take advantage of it quickly.

The PlayStation Vita handheld, for all of its technological superiority and genuinely neat accoutrements, has been lagging far behind the Nintendo 3DS for almost the entirety of its lifespan. You can’t really blame consumers though, as the Vita is a relatively expensive gadget, with very little in the way of enticing games. Sure, it’s got Persona 4 Golden, and Earth Defense Force 2017 Mobile, but you could easily exhaust the handheld’s supply of quality titles in a month. Then what?

Forget all of that though. The reason for this post is not to celebrate the Vita’s ailing fortunes, but instead to inform all of you of an upcoming sale on the device that should make it a bit more tempting. According to an ad discovered by the deities of frugality at CheapAssGamer, Target is hosting a sale which will reduce the price on all Vita systems to a mere $199. Given that the Vita usually retails for $250 or $300 (depending on how much storage you’d like it to have), that’s a pretty sizable discount.

The only major caveat here is that this deal is only available for a limited time. The ad claims that the sale begins on August 18 and will run through August 24. That’s not much time to take advantage of Target’s generosity, but again, if you don’t have a Vita, it’s hard to tell when you’ll next see a deal of this magnitude.

While news of a sale is always welcome, it raises an important question: Does this price reduction indicate an imminent Sony-sponsored price cut for the Vita? Honestly, nobody outside of Sony knows, but with the Gamescom conference mere days away this would seem an opportune time for Sony to cut the device’s price in an effort to drive sales to the flagging handheld. We can’t guarantee that this will happen, but don’t be too stunned if $200 becomes the Vita’s new default price point in the near future.

Source: CheapAssGamer

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