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Tax Heaven 3000 Is an Anime Dating Sim That Does Your Taxes

Tax Heaven 3000 is a dating simulator visual novel that also doubles as assistance with your 2022 tax return: Do not give it your SSN.

Visual novels can provide intriguing concepts for video games. Doki Doki Literature Club added horror elements to the text-based genre. Hell, even the likes of Tron are getting in on the action with a detective slant. But what if you want a visual novel to help you with real-life applications? Like taxes? That’s where visual novel dating sim game Tax Heaven 3000 comes in, albeit with an anime angle.

Have a look at the announcement trailer via Gematsu:

Tax Heaven 3000 is a game where you go on dates, get to know one another intimately, and prepare your 2022 federal taxes. It’s mainly for single filing without dependents. There are multiple endings to be seen, which I hope do not include real-life identity theft.

The makers of the title, MSCHF Product Studio, have mostly done products ranging from sneakers to colognes and to one other game, Chair Simulator. Just the kind of company you should trust with your Social Security Number. Seriously, do not give your SSN and personal details to the pretty anime girl. Spend some money and use an accountant, instead.

Look for Tax Heaven 3000 to launch for PC via Steam on March 31 as a free-to-play game. Also, there will apparently be a physical collector’s edition with a body pillow to purchase, unless that’s a joke? I can’t wait to see the inevitable drama that follows its release.

Update 3/23/23: The game listing has been removed from Steam, at least for now! But the game website is still active at the link we provided above, so maybe you can still nab a body pillow?

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