Zombie-Palin can see your machete from her house. Beware.

A new free Flash game called Tea Party Zombies Must Die challenges you to survive a journey through various Tea Party strongholds (including Fox News and Koch Industries) while being attacked by hordes of ravenous right-wing zombies. Unsurprisingly, conservatives don’t like it much.

The game was developed by “advergaming” company StarvingEyes, though its boss insists that this release is just a “personal project.” All of your far-right favorites are in attendance, including Glenn Beck and several of his former colleagues. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and famous food court orator Rick “Legalizing Gay Marriage Is Like Calling A Napkin A Paper Towel” Santorum also make appearances as you battle your way through a Fox News office and beyond. The ideology of the developer becomes more apparent as you progress through the game, with far-left quotes appearing between levels and the implication that your inevitable death had more to do with your health insurance than with the zombies.

Only three days ago Fox News highlighted the “liberal agendas” inherent in Flower and Sim City Societies, so its response to this game, if it has one, will be interesting to read. In the meantime, the wider conservative response is filled with rage and comparisons to Nazis. Maybe they’d prefer a Dance Central add-on where you get to bounce on the debt ceiling? Regardless, while it’s not the most mature addition to the great war of ideology, it still ranks amongst the most fun.

Source: Kotaku

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