Team Fortress 2 Invades Saints Row: The Third


Team Fortress 2 and Saints Row: The Third: Peanut butter and chocolate, or peanut butter and sadness?

January 17 is a big day for Saints Row: The Third, the wacky open-world sandbox game developed by Volition Inc. and published by THQ. On that day the game is due to receive a healthy dose of downloadable add-on content, most crucially, the game’s first additional mission pack, Genki Bowl VIII. That’s great news for anyone (like me) who fell in love with the game’s over-the-top style and was utterly crushed upon realizing that the title eventually ends.

That however, is not the only DLC scheduled for release tomorrow. There is also the free, downloadable version of CheapAssGamer head CheapyD, and more to the point of this article, a cross-promotional swath of Team Fortress 2 character masks.

From the official Saints Row: The Third site:

Beginning Tuesday, all players on Steam will receive the 9 custom TF2 giant-sized character masks to use around the city of Steelport. Be it the Heavy, the Scout, the Spy, or any other member of your choosing, you get to streak around naked, beat up pedestrians, and hit those big stunt jumps with the character of your choice.

Now are you ready for the bad news? These masks are only available via Steam, so those of you who own Saints Row: The Third on a console are out of luck. You’ll just have to content yourself with dressing in leather fetish gear and clubbing innocent civilians to death with oversized sex toys to the joyous sounds of Adam And The Ants’ “Stand And Deliver.”

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