A whole team fighting a single man might not sound very fair, but when that man is the most powerful Australian in the world, you start to feel sorry for the team.

A Team Fortress 2 modder has created a mod where one player takes on the role of Saxton Hale and everybody else on the server tries to kill him. It might seem like an unfair match, but the solo player has thousands of hit points and Hale’s powerful fists, which is usually enough to stack the odds in Hale’s favor.

If you’re familiar with backstory of TF2, the name Saxton Hale will probably already have you quaking in your boots. But not everyone keeps up with the proprietors of fictional arms companies, so for those who don’t know, Saxton Hale is the head of Mann Co., the supplier of many of the weapons used in TF2 matches. Hale eats steak for breakfast, kills crowds of hippies with his bare hands, and has his own comic which is supposedly so exciting; it will stop a reader’s heart for five whole seconds.

The mod uses a custom model of Saxton Hale, and places it over an invisible soldier model. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot that when Hale kills a person, it shows the soldier’s shovel as the weapon that was used. Hale is also armed with a super jump, so there’s no part of the map he can’t get to and he can’t be taken down by soldiers rocket jumping out of his reach. The mod uses the “Arena” game mode, meaning that there’s no respawning once you’ve been taken out. Presumably, the Red Team – Hale makes up the entirety of the Blue team – can win by capturing the control point, but they tend to all be dead before they get a chance.

Source: Kotaku

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