Team Fortress 2: The RPG

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Ever wonder what the epic saga of RED and BLU would look like if it were an RPG instead of a first-person shooter? Well, wonder no longer.

Y’know, every now and then fans can really surprise you with something. These days, with tools like Photoshop and movie editors, fans can, say, turn a run-and-gun shooter like Halo into a JRPG. Combine image editing and a spark of creativity with the incredible flexibility of Garry’s Mod, though, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

That’s exactly what one poster on the TF2Maps forum did. With Garry’s Mod and some time spent in Photoshop, he turned the colorful world of Team Fortress 2 into the beginnings of a heartfelt and compelling story with Heavy and Medic searching for their missing best friend, Scout.

The images show different quests, an item shop, and cutscenes – the only thing about this that isn’t awesome is the fact that it doesn’t actually exist. The wondrous world of TF2: The RPG exists only in the creator’s mind – and in our hearts.

That is, of course, unless someone decides to make it. You readin’ this, Valve? Get on it. ASAP.


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