Team Fortress 2‘s “Saxxy” Machinima Winners Announced


Check out the funniest, coolest, and most impressive videos Team Fortress 2 fans put together using Source Filmmaker.

The “Saxxy” awards are Valve’s annual award ceremony for cool films made in Team Fortress 2 using the Source Filmmaker tool. Far from just characters shooting one another, fans often make incredibly impressive displays of machinima, which push the boundaries of the medium. The best of the best each year get press, glory, and of course, worthless in-game cosmetic items.

This year’s efforts are no different, with the five winners all being well worth your time. Let’s start with the overall winner, “Animation vs Animator“, which could be seen as an ode to one of the best Daffy Duck cartoons of all time:

The winner for best 60-second short, “TF2 in 60 Seconds“, manages to pretty accurately sum up the entire Team Fortress 2 experience.

Rivarly Rush” the winner for best Action short, shows us that “running” has a very loose definition in the Team Fortress 2 universe.

About a Scout” the Comedy category winner, confirms that the Scout is always comedy gold.

Last but not least “Defect” tells the familiar story of a Robot with a soul.

If you liked these, be sure to visit the Saxxy Awards page, where you can also see all of this year’s runner ups.

Source: Valve

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