Gentlemen, say bonjour to The Spy’s little friend: The Ambassador, a massive revolver that packs a lethal punch and the last of The Spy’s unlockables for Team Fortress 2‘s upcoming Spy/Sniper update.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or without internet access) for the past few days: Valve pulled a fast one on all of us last week and are sneaking in a full class update for The Spy to go along with their previously announced Sniper update.

Like The Sniper, Mr. Sneaky Frenchman will be getting a trio of new toys: the “Dead Ringer” spy watch that’ll cloak you and create a decoy corpse for a handful of seconds if you get hit, the “Cloak and Dagger” watch that that recharges your cloak whenever you stand still, and The Ambassador, a freaking gigantic revolver.

With the “ammo count of a revolver and the pinpoint accuracy of a sniper rifle, even at long range,” The Ambassador weighs in at eight pounds and sounds like a real force of nature. Seems that the main downside it’ll come with is an annoying cooldown period between shots.

Furthermore, with its “rosewood grip and likeness of your enemy’s mother…engraved on the barrel,” The Ambassador’s a beauty to behold as well. Wait a minute, that’s not my mom. Is that The Scout’s? No, I can’t tell. Anyway.

The Spy/Sniper update goes live on Thursday, and also packs new achievements, new maps, a new mode and head slot items. Prepare for TF2 servers to be flooded with Snipers and Spies wearing stupid hats.

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