Team Meat’s Mew-Genics Encourages Item Hoarding


We’re all hoarders in videogames.

Team Meat, the independent developer known for Super Meat Boy, is in the middle of its next game, Mew-Genics. It’s a game that involves a lot of cats, but Team Meat hasn’t said much about it as it’s still in development. In a post written on “Caturday,” Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen revealed how item hoarding will play into Mew-Genics.

Players can buy furniture from “Hoarders R Us,” which McMillen likens to Animal Crossing, the sim in which players can expand and decorate their houses. “But with Mew-Genics we wanted to make this collecting/hoarding aspect more meaningful, we wanted it to go beyond basic hoarding for hoarding’s sake and into something that impacted gameplay,” McMillen wrote.

From a selection of over 750 items, players collect and place different items in a house, which affects cats’ identities, stats, and “basically every aspect of the game.” Items have special properties; for example, healthy food increases health points and spoiled food attracts stray cats. Mew-Genics also has alternate items. These items are rare and from a magical cat. The rare items change appearance and magnify effect of the item. Including the magical items, Mew-Genics has over 1,500 items, and there’s nothing wrong with getting as many as you can.

McMillen called Mew-Genics “‘feature creep’ the game” due to the team’s several small additions to the game. “Feature creep” is something developers try to avoid in games, as you just can’t include everything in one game, but McMillen said, “With a game like this one… it somehow feels appropriate.”

Source: Mew-Genics

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