Team Works Productions Offers Alternative Business Model


Team Works Productions announced the formation of a new independent game production company of the same name that aims to offer a new strategy for videogame development.

Team Works Productions is a business-to-business computer game production house working with developers, license-granters, publishers and distributors to create computer and videogames. Team Works Productions games are all evaluated using market research, financial models and benchmarking before getting the go-ahead. Maketing roadmaps are created and key marketing assets are generated in-house, which gives these development, licensing and publishing partners confidence that propositions are viable.

The company has begun development on a series of party games featuring a brand-new character named “Mr. Okatami” and is currently seeking publishing and distribution partners.

Terry Malham, Managing Director of Team Works Productions, said, “When others are solely focused on original or creative ideas, our prime focus raises the importance of commercial viability. Consequently, we only green light games that not only entertain, but make strong commercial sense and provides all partners with a fair revenue share.”

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