Techland AAA open-world fantasy action RPG recruiting hiring development Dying Light 2 developer

Dying Light developer Techland has announced it is recruiting staff for a AAA open-world fantasy action RPG it has in development. Few details have been provided beyond that, though Techland is recruiting for a variety of roles in basically every discipline, from QA to IT to PR (all the two-letter departments!). The developer is rooted in Poland. The development team notably includes former CD Projekt Red staff, like Karolina Stachyra as narrative director and Arkadiusz Borowik as narrative lead.

Techland released zombie survival / parkour adventure Dying Light 2 back in February as one of the first major releases of 2022. It received a generally positive reception, and the game did right most of the things it was expected to get right. At the least, it reiterated that Techland knows how to make a content-packed open world, and it will be intriguing to see how it approaches a fantasy setting and action RPG mechanics.

If today’s news all sounds a bit familiar, you may be thinking of Funcom, which announced last week that it is recruiting for a Dune open-world survival game. Open worlds are not always cause for celebration, but done right, they can be extremely immersive.

In related news, The Escapist interviewed Techland lead gameplay programmer Bartosz Kulon last month for a Snapshot video detailing how the studio created its infamous overpowered dropkick.


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