A high school kid was arrested earlier this week for making a list ranking 50 female students at his school “by their sexual characteristics and alleged sexual behaviors” and posting it on Facebook.

The former student at Oak Park-River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois was taken into custody on Monday for putting together a list that described 50 of his female fellow students “by explicit, derogatory nicknames and assessed their physical appearance, sexual desirability, sexual activity and other characteristics,” which he then posted on Facebook. He also printed out hundreds of copies of the list and passed them out at the school during lunch before being stopped by staff.

The list ranked the girls using a ten-point scale for facial features, a five-point scale for various body parts and whether their “stock” was up or down; they were also assigned nicknames like “The Designated Drunk” and “The Amazing Bisexual.” It actually came to light in January, leading to the student’s expulsion in February, but that wasn’t enough for some people. “The subject was found to be responsible for an offensive list,” said Oak Park Police Detective Commander. LaDon Reynolds. “Based on the evidence, the juvenile offender was charged with disorderly conduct and referred to [juvenile] court.”

The father of one of the girls who appeared on the list said he was pleased that the kid was arrested but expressed concern that a disorderly conduct charge was inadequate for a “very serious offense that affected many people.” Nonetheless, he added, “I’m gratified that the investigation continued, and that charges are being filed. I’m hopeful they consider additional charges as they gather more evidence.”

But the obvious question is, what other evidence is there to gather? Unless there’s a lot more to this case than is being reported, what we’ve got here is a three month police investigation into some idiot kid’s home-made “Hot or Not” list on Facebook. I’m sure there wasn’t a crack squad of Chicago’s finest working the case 24 hours a day but even so, isn’t this all a bit much for a stupid high school stunt?

According to reports, after distributing the list at his former school the student addressed an “impromptu gathering” of cheering students, during which he danced around and warned that “women are the future, unless we stop them now.”

Sources: WLS AM,

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