Telltale Trailer Hints At Greatest Adventure Crossover Ever


What do Max, Tycho Brahe, Strongbad, and the Heavy Weapons Guy have in common? We don’t know, either, but apparently they’re all going to be in the same game.

Videogame crossovers are strange creatures, and often don’t work out too well because parent companies set parameters that tend to neuter the overall experience. Telltale Games, however, released a teaser trailer this morning for what could quite possibly be one of the coolest videogame crossovers to happen in recent memory, since it involves some incredibly popular characters from at least three different companies’ lineups.

Looking at the silhouettes in the teaser, it’s pretty obvious that the characters involved in this crossover are Max (from Sam & Max), Tycho Brahe (of Penny Arcade), Strong Bad (from Homestar Runner and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People) and the Heavy Weapons Guy (everyone’s favorite psychopath from Team Fortress 2). Exactly what kind of game they’ll be starring in, as well as why these characters are thrown together isn’t clear at the moment, and the video’s description doesn’t really shed much light on the subject:

What on Earth could these characters possibly be doing in the same place? Telltale’s next game brings them all together!

Presumably – since this is a Telltale Games title – this will be a point-and-click adventure of some kind. It’ll also be interesting to see what kind of input Valve and Penny Arcade have had in the game’s development, as well as what other characters (if any) will be appearing. The trailer is promising more details will be revealed on September 2, so it seems safe to assume that the game will be on display at PAX next weekend.

Update: A couple of folks have pointed out that Tycho and Heavy Weapons Guy seem to be holding playing cards, which could possibly mean that Telltale is working on a crossover card game. Since the developer’s first game was Telltale Texas Hold’em, it’s entirely possible that we could see something in that vein.

Thanks to CalCD for finding the video and Sir Kemper for bringing it to my attention.

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