Telltale’s $20 Great Adventure Bundle Sale Extended One Week


If you missed the chance to get six fun adventure games for $20, now you’ve got another week.

Telltale Games first announced the charity-raising Great Adventure Bundle 2010 a week ago and said it’d run until September 10. Thanks to Telltale’s charitableness, for both the five charities the bundle supports and gamers buying the bundle, the offer has been extended for another week (presumably until September 17).

When people spend their $19.95 to get the bundle’s five guaranteed games, they can also choose one of five charities, which will now each get the chance for a bigger check. Gamers are rewarded because of the way the bundle works. Originally, once 5,000 bundles were sold Telltale was going yo unlock Puzzle Agent for purchasers, but decided to release it early (perhaps due to slow sales). Now, when 5,000 bundles are sold everybody gets a copy of Sam & Max Season 2.

With 2,168 bundles sold as of this writing, it’s not assured that Telltale will hit its goal, but they’ve raised $10,000 for charity and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Considering that Telltale unlocked Puzzle Agent early, it might decided to do the same if it gets close to 5,000 anyway. Even if it doesn’t, $20 is still a pretty good deal for the King’s Quest Collection, Jack Keane, The Whispered World, Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1, and Puzzle Agent. I’ve done my part, have you?

Source: Telltale Blog

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