Telltale’s The Walking Dead Revives This August


Telltale Games promises more communication about future releases.

If you’ve been playing Telltale’s Walking Dead game, then you’ll know that one of the biggest frustrations has nothing to do with gameplay but with release dates. Episodes 1 and 2 have come and gone, but players have been left hanging ever since. Episode 2 was hardly a fast walker either, and came out much later than anyone had anticipated. Fans of the series have been understandably annoyed at this, but the developer has now announced that Episode 3 is due in August. It can’t say when in August, but Telltale definitely thinks it’ll be sometime around then, maybe.

“Our goal from day one has been to deliver your game episodes as quickly as possible,” said Telltale in a blog post today, “[and] we will strive to improve our communication with you so that you know what’s happening.” Though it was unable to give a precise date, Telltale did promise that it would do all that it could to make sure the release for all platforms and regions took place on the same day, or as close to that as possible.

The Episodes so far have garnered a lot of favorable attention, even though – or perhaps because – they don’t focus on the activities of the original Walking Dead cast. You play as Lee, an ex-con turned survivor who has to somehow deal both with the zombies and his fractious fellow survivors. Slow release dates have marred an otherwise fun experience but – fingers crossed – Telltale will be able to deal with this, in upcoming installments.

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