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Developer Crema has laid out a short-term roadmap for its MMORPG, Temtem. A general look at the 2020 plans the studio has scheduled were posted on Twitter, with more details promised to come tomorrow. You can see broadly what’s coming in spring, summer, and fall, but Crema got more specific in an update post to its website.

Matchmaking will be one of the earliest additions to Temtem, which sees players entering in a few placement matches in order to play with others that are of a similar skill level, or as it will be called in Temtem — Tamer Matchmaking Rating. Pansun rewards for besting other tamers is in the cards, but it won’t come until the team feels better about matchmaking after future updates.

Auto-scaling is coming to the ranked matchmaking queue, which will “essentially perfect” your team upon entering a battle. Other modes like tournaments and dojo club wars will not be affected. Spectating for competitive matches is finally coming to Temtem too, though Crema says this barebones version of feature will be iterated on in the future.

In-game chat is making a return along with adjustable chat bubbles above each talking character, continuing with the desire to better incorporate interaction in clans or, as Crema is labeling them, Clubs. Clubs can have unique banners and names with more information planned to be shared tomorrow. Likewise, players will soon be able to purchase and decorate their owns houses, and you will be able to visit friends’ houses and vice versa. And finally, Crema says an in-game achievement system is in the works.

If you’ve been itching for a serious commitment to balance changes, your hopes may be dashed; Crema says it doesn’t want to “be obsessed about reaching a perfect balance until the Temtem roster is complete (in the full final release).” Fifty new Temtem are planned to launch throughout 2020 alone, with the studio also planning to debut the first mythical Temtem in fall.

Temtem’s 2020 plans aren’t written in stone just yet, with Crema stating that even release windows in the roadmap could change at any time. With that, the developer is hoping to get feedback from fans regarding what they like and dislike about today’s announcements.

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