Temtem Trailer

The latest Temtem trailer shows off a whole host of features as the Pokémon-like massively multiplayer online game by Crema is rapidly nearing its Steam early access release date of Jan. 21, 2020.

The Temtem trailer starts off by highlighting the creature collecting game’s focus on two-on-two battles and the stamina system that adds more depth to combat. It then goes into the game’s breeding center, which will be completely transparent as to what the player will get unlike in Pokémon. That means players will know exactly what moves and traits the newborn Temtem will inherit from its parents. Crema also explains that some techniques will be exclusively gained via breeding.

Also shown off in the new Temtem trailer are the game’s equivalent to shiny Pokémon, which are Luma Temtem. Unlike in Game Freak’s series, these creatures won’t just be a special color as these rare Temtem will also be more powerful. While available throughout the game, the best place to catch them will be in the new endgame area. This will feature higher Luma catch rates and a rotating cast of stronger Temtem to capture each week.

As our preview goes in-depth on, the early access release will feature a 20-plus hour campaign with four dojos to conquer and can be played fully in co-op with another player. It will initially feature 76 Temtem and three different islands to explore. In the future, the number of Temtem available will go up to over 161 (and possibly more), three more islands will be added, and the other half of the story will be added.

As the Temtem trailer points out, players can currently sign up for the game’s upcoming stress test to check out the game prior to launch.


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