Ten more games have made it through the Steam Greenlight gauntlet, including a few you may have heard of.

I like to think of Steam Greenlight as rather like the Temple of Trials from Fallout 2. All the radscorpions are named Gabe, but more to the point, lots of games go in but only a few make it to the end. It’s a vicious gauntlet, irritating, frustrating and desperately out of balance, but if you want to play you have to power through it. And today, ten more games have emerged into the light on the other side. Behold your new champions!

Anodyne – The action adventure game that made a big splash on The Pirate Bay!
Distance – A spiritual successor to the indie racer Nitronic Rush!
Evoland – Action-adventure inspired by Zelda and Final Fantasy!
Huntsman: The Orphanage – The next step in Slender horror!
Kingdom Rush – Defend your kingdom against hordes of fantasy monsters!
Legends of Dawn – A 3D open-world fantasy RPG!
Organ Trail: Director’s Cut – Head west to escape a zombie holocaust!
Receiver – An FPS with realistic gun mechanics!
Surgeon Simulator 2013 – The evolution of funny bone removal!
War Thunder – MMO vehicular combat in The Big One!

Most of these games look very impressive, although it’s Huntsman that really has my attention at this early point, primarily because I’m an idiot who can’t stop inflicting horrific digital nightmares upon himself. War Thunder is aiming awfully high for an indie but I’ll be all over it if the team can pull it off – I still have fond memories of my Air Warrior days – and I’ll keep an eye on Legends of Dawn simply because I’m a sucker for eastern European RPGs.

As always, these games will be released independently as they become available, and if any of them really turn your crank there’s an option to follow their progress as they develop. In the meantime, there are still plenty of other games to vote on at Steam Greenlight.

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