Skynet’s favorite cyborg assassin just landed in Liberty City, and things aren’t going well for the citizens nearby.

Lets face facts: Terminator cyborg assassins like to get around. They’ve fought Robocop, tangoed with Aliens and Predators, and traded blows with Superman. Now, thanks to a mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, the T-800 is chilling out in Liberty City and it looks like the automaton is still dead-set on wreaking havoc wherever it goes.

The mod was created for the PC version of the game by William Peddell, who has a YouTube channel filled with custom GTA IV mods he’s created (though, admittedly, these tend to be for vehicles rather than characters). Peddell’s actually got a pretty prolific list of mods available for download, including tribute skins celebrating games like Batman: Arkham City, Mortal Kombat and Mass Effect 2.

Peddell has some serious talent, and it’s awesome that he’s sharing his creations with other players. That said, I can’t be the only one who thinks that Peddell needs to up his game and sic a T-1000 on the hapless citizens of Liberty City.

Source: GTA4 Mods via Joystiq

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