Terraria‘s 1.3 Patch is Now Live!

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Among many new items and fixes, Terraria‘s 1.3 patch streamlines multiplayer – no more port forwarding and IP sharing!

The day is finally here! That massive 1.3 patch we talked about for the PC version of Terraria has finally gone live – absolutely free of charge of course. Among many new items, features, and bug fixes, 1.3 completely streamlines the entire multiplayer process. It’s now as simple as right clicking on a friend in Steam and choosing “join game” – gone are the days of port forwarding and IP sharing.

Dedicated server hosters will still need to download the dedicated server software of course, but joining them is a much simpler affair.

Additionally, if for some reason you’ve yet to pick up the game, there’s a special 1.3 patch launch week discount right now, knocking 25% off the price.

To see all the stuff that has been added, be sure to check out the official changelog. Though, keep in mind that “Terraria is a game about exploring”, and Re-logic says it has hidden quite a few surprises in there.

For now, the patch has only been officially announced for the PC version of the game – it’s unclear when (or if) it will make its way to Terraria‘s various console and handheld versions.

To download the patch, simply boot up Steam and it should automatically start. Enjoy!

Source: Re-Logic

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