We also want Terry Crews to be in Overwatch.

Terry Crews, of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame, recently paid a visit to Blizzard headquarters, where he took the picture you’ll see to the right. He also Tweeted the following:

“LOVED my visit with the geniuses at BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT today, and meeting the creators of one of my favorite games! OVERWATCH! LETS GO!”

The “Let’s go!” comment at the end of course led to wild fan speculation, which was further fueled by a comment he posted today:

Fans are speculating that his comment suggests he may have already done some work with Blizzard, and he is just trying to generate hype. If so, that would be absolutely fantastic news!

If you’re asking who “Doomfist” is, he is an off-screen character in the Overwatch universe. We see his gauntlet in the Numbani map and the very first Overwatch animated short, and we know that there have been at least three prior people to wield the gauntlet and the Doomfist name.

Blizzard has hinted at a playable Doomfist character in the past, and Crews would be a perfect fit for his voice.

Source: Twitter

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