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Tetris: The Movie Starring Tarron Egerton Gets Scooped Up by Apple

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Like a square piece dropping down from the top of the screen when all you need is a straight line, some bad news for Tetris fans has arrived. The upcoming film about the making of Tetris, called Tetris: The Movie, has been scooped up by Apple for distribution. While the tech company could choose to release the film in theaters, it is far more likely that it would bring it to Apple TV+ as it tries to muscle its way into the world of streaming.

Just how does one make a Tetris movie? You make it about the game itself, not about falling bricks. Tetris: The Movie will star Taron Egerton as Dutch game entrepreneur Henk Rogers as he struggles to sell the game to consoles and then the legal battles that ensued after it took over the world. Jon S. Baird (Stan & Ollie) is directing the film, and casting for the game’s creator, Alexey Pajitnov, is underway. Matthew Vaughn’s Marv Films and Leonard Blavatnik’s AI Film are producing and financing.

So far Apple has taken a Netflix approach to its film releases, skipping theatrical runs in favor of having their platform be the only place to view a film unless it’s gunning for an Oscar nomination. Given the subject of the film is more human drama than an attempt to turn Tetris into an action movie, it’s possible the streamer could see this as an Oscar hopeful. Baird did receive some Oscar looks for Stan & Ollie and Egerton is already an award season favorite after his turn in Rocketman, so it’s not a huge long shot. Still, if you want to watch Tetris: The Movie, you’re probably going to have to sign up for Apple TV+.

Shooting for Tetris: The Movie is set to begin in December in Scotland.

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