TGS ’10: Spidey and Wesker Join Marvel vs. Capcom 3

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Marvel’s webslinger and the Resident Evil villain are the latest additions to the rapidly growing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 cast.

As expected, Capcom has unleashed a quartet of new fighters for MvC 3.

First up today came the return of an old favorite. It’s no surprise that everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-man is back for MvC 3. As one of Marvel’s most recognizable characters Capcom would have been crazy to leave him out.

Much more interesting was the unveiling of Resident Evil‘s Albert Wesker as an all-new playable character. The addition of Chris Redfield to the cast had already made this one a distinct possibility, but now that it’s confirmed, Resident Evil fans can start rubbing their hands in anticipation of epic showdowns/uneasy alliances between the two.

These join earlier announcements of returning Megaman antagonist Tron Bonne for Capcom and X-23 for Marvel. Admittedly, we’ve been out of the Marvel universe for a while, but a quick trip to Wikipedia reveals that X-23 is Wolverine’s test-tube sister from the Weapon X Program. Ah, the power of learning …

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