To celebrate the venerable publisher’s seven and a half decades in the business, a comic book fan site has collected the 75 most iconic DC covers of all time.

Over 75 years and countless issues, plenty has happened in the world of Batman, Superman and the rest of the DC continuity, and to celebrate the publisher’s three-quarter century anniversary, CBR has collected the most iconic covers, one for each year.

The list includes titles from the regular DC Universe, as well as the Vertigo line and Elseworld titles like The Dark Knight Returns. Amongst the covers are the introduction of Batgirl, Bane breaking Batman’s back, and Superman fighting Muhammad Ali (pictured).

The full list can be seen here. It’s interesting to see all the crazy stuff that’s happened in comics over the years, some of it very cool, and some of it unintentionally hilarious.

Source: CBR

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