The Ant Commandos Files Counter Claim Against RedOctane


After RedOctane sued The Ant Commandos for copying their popular guitar controller, the company has filed a countersuit of their own, claiming that RedOctane copied them instead.

Following RedOctane and Activision’s suit against The Ant Commandos yesterday, the company has fired back with a claim that, “Both Activision and RedOctane are violating Federal Antitrust legislation pertaining to the Guitar Hero game and controller bundle.” They also allege that the Guitar Hero controller “was copied by RedOctane in developing the Guitar Hero SG controller and alleges that RedOctane developed the Guitar Hero game around Topway’s identifiable trade dress. RedOctane allegedly copied the color, shape, and placement of the five fret buttons located on the controller.”

Topway claims that RedOctane purchased hundreds of their original “Magical Guitar” units (made in 1999) before creating their own peripheral for Guitar Hero. They also claim that RedOctane visited the manufacturing plant numerous times, specifically requesting information about the peripheral design.

The Ant Commandos has requested a judge prevent RedOctane from selling the controller with the game so that consumers “may purchase the game and have their choice on which controller to buy.”

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