The Banner Saga, the epic Viking strategy-RPG that blew the doors off Kickstarter last year, has a launch date and a very pretty new trailer.

Stoic has announced that The Banner Saga, a hand-illustrated strategy-RPG based on Viking legend that brought in more than $720,000 on Kickstarter last year, is just about ready to go. The indie studio, comprised of three former employees of BioWare, has partnered with Versus Evil to promote and launch the game, which Stoic’s John Watson said “has given us back valuable time so we can polish the game while they support us with marketing, PR and QA.”

That’s all very nice, and more polish is always welcome, but the big news here is the announcement of a launch date, which comes complete with an all-new announcement trailer. It looks like something straight out of a Saturday morning Hanna-Barbera cartoon – in a good way – but Stoic promises that The Banner Saga will be a “mature, story-driven” experience, “where every decision in travel, conversation and combat will directly affect the outcome as the player’s story unfolds.”

That launch date, by the way, is January 14, 2014, for the PC and Mac. To find out more about The Banner Saga, head over to

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