A sure sign of a looming new year is the inevitable emergence of “best of” retrospective lists, and since you can’t avoid them you might as well embrace them. Why not start with this list of the Seven Best Videogame Trailers of 2008?

Put together by Paste Magazine, the list is made up of high-profile titles that should be familiar to anyone who’s been a gamer for more than a week. Some of the games in the list were released in 2008, while others are still in development, but all feature top-notch visuals and a strong cinematic sensibility. The first entry in the list, id’s Rage, is all about the technology, while the Brütal Legend trailer does nothing but set the mood for things to come.

Once those two are out of the way, things get more impressive. My own personal favorite is Mirror’s Edge, which turns a simple mix of gameplay footage and an outstanding theme song into a remarkably powerful promotional video. The first Fallout 3 trailer gets a nod as well, no great surprise in light of its role as the harbinger of an all-new Fallout RPG, but it didn’t make it to the top. What did? Have a look at the complete list to find out.

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