The Boy Who Would Be Sonic X


A six-year-old boy in Norway wanted to change his name to Sonic X, so he wrote a letter to the King. The King replied.

Chister, a six-year-old boy in Norway, didn’t like his name. Or, at least, he would have preferred another name, the name of a certain speedy and blue mascot who, despite having lost the favor of jaded gamers, still has the love of children across the world. Sonic.

So Chister, being the proactive youngster he is, decided to make it happen. He wrote a letter all on his own, asking the King of Norway, Harald V, to change his name to “Sonic X” for him, according to a Norwegian newspaper. Sonic X is the title of an anime starring Sonic and his buddies, evidently all the rage with the kids in Norway.

But Chister’s parents, possibly embarrassed of their child or genuinely afraid that the king might reject their son’s request and cause irreparable trauma, wouldn’t send the letter. Months later Chister finally won his parents over, and the letter was off to the King.

And the King actually replied. Which was awful nice of him, but unfortunately, he had to decline Chister’s request, not because of the name but simply because Chister isn’t 18 yet and therefore not qualified to make this kind of decision about his life. Guess young Chister’s just going to have wait another 12 years before he can become his true self.


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