The Dark Knight Producer Enters Gaming Biz


Legendary Pictures, the production company who brought us The Dark Knight and 300, has announced plans to develop games and digital content based on its properties.

To that end, the production house has appointed former EA executive Kathy Vrabeck to head its digital content wing, according to Variety.

This move comes as an interesting change for the firm which has most recently been notable in gaming circles as the producer of both the upcoming Gears of War film adaptation and the movie version of Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.

Given the absolutely horrific history of games turned to films and films turned to games, does anyone have much hope for Legendary’s latest venture?

For that matter, after all these years of movie-to-game translations turning out poorly, do any of you really care to see a company do it right? Why not just leave the two mediums completely separate, allowing players to enjoy each on their own merits?

Why must everything be cross-synergized, hyper-exploited and any number of other buzzwords the Hollywood suits can come up with?

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