The latest issue of quarterly comedy magazine The Devastator hits shelves today. So what? So it’s all about videogames. That’s what!

Unfamiliar with The Devastator? A quick primer from the publication’s website:

The Devastator is a quarterly comedy magazine featuring new works by 30+ renowned and upcoming writers and artists from Conan, The Simpsons, Marvel and DC Comics, Adult Swim, Onion News Network, McSweeney’s and more!

Likewise, a quick primer on why we’re discussing this on a gaming website like The Escapist:

In our fourth issue, we cash in our life savings for precious arcade tokens with takeoffs of Marvel vs. Capcom, Rampage, Chuck E. Cheese and so much more, featuring contributions from James Kochalka, Jon Schnepp and Super Meat Boy. Winners don’t use drugs, but comedy magazines also make excellent rolling papers.

Even more likewise, that video embedded above is a trailer of sorts for the magazine. Because apparently magazines have trailers now.

Normally I wouldn’t mention something like this here — human laughter physically hurts me — but Devastator editor in chief Geoffrey Golden sent over a .pdf of the issue and it’s seriously funny. Like, Mad Magazine if it were still culturally relevant and wasn’t guilty of spawning that terrible sketch comedy show.

Plus, the art is excellent. It’s got an aesthetic akin to what you’d find in the best indie comics. Think: the PopGun anthology collections or … okay, I don’t have any other viable cultural touchstones outside of that one.

But who am I to tell you how to spend your money? Decide for yourself. The magazine’s site hosts a handy 16-page preview that encapsulates a pretty solid sampling of the publication as a whole. It doesn’t include the best gags (I’m particularly partial to the “Marvel Brand Management vs. Capcom Legal Affairs” email exchange), but at least you can see how the whole thing is laid out.

Then, if you’re into it, you can pick up a copy via Amazon for only $8. The site currently claims the mag is “Out of Print,” but that’s likely a momentary issue indicating that it simply hasn’t gone on sale yet. Sometimes the internet just can’t keep up with the breakneck pace of print media.

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