The regrowth of the original E3 has helped kill off the unsuccessful E for All Expo.

The Penny-Arcade Expo isn’t challenged by the revival of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Then again, PAX had attendees.

If only the same were true for IDG’s E for All Expo. Originally an off-shoot of E3 meant to attract the public while the original show restricted itself to the press and business relations, E for All failed to bring in gamers and companies in mass numbers.

With the return of E3 to its original formula, IDG World Expo, the organizer of E for All and E3, have decided to shut down E for All. A message to E for All supporters asked for them to all participate in the revived E3, and they most likely will if IDG truly supports it as the show for the industry.

When asked by Big Download for a comment, IDG CEO Mary Dolaher offered, “We want to thank all of our E for All partners for their support, and we encourage E for All exhibitors to participate in the E3 new event, which we believe will meet their needs as well as those of the industry at large. IDG World Expo is very pleased to be partnering with the ESA on E3 and continuing to play a central role in that important industry event. We look forward to furthering our contribution to the success of the video game community.”

It was then confirmed in a statement to Joystiq, “Unfortunately, E for All will not be occurring in 2009, as our focus now turns to E3.”

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