Watch and wonder as Dovahkiin-in-Chief Greg Tito opens our copy of The Elder Scrolls Anthology.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena was first released in 1994, back when floppy discs were a valid method of game distribution. Today, you’ll need a lot more storage space to cover what Elder Scrolls has become, but Bethesda has already done the hard work for you. The entire series, from Arena all the way to Skyrim is now available in The Elder Scrolls Anthology, which The Escapist’s Editor-in-Chief fearlessly offered to explore for the following unboxing video.

Seeing the full series in a single box set, encapsulating Tamriel and much of its history, is a little humbling to contemplate. Not only has The Elder Scrolls consumed decades of our gaming lives, but as Greg notes using a map of Tamriel, there are still lands and provinces we’ve never once seen. Even if these territories are explored in The Elder Scrolls Online, perhaps one day we’ll see yet another Elder Scrolls Anthology fit onto our gaming shelves.

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