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The 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise is coming on February 27th, an The Escapist kicks off a week-long celebration of the pocket monsters.

Pokemon has been around for a long time, 20 years next Saturday to be exact. The pocket monster phenomenon has produced everything from games to a TV show, to all kinds of consumer products. To recognize the impact that Pokemon has had on pop culture, The Escapist begins a week of coverage today.

Here’s our schedule:

Today: 2/21

Top 100 kicks off with #100-#86

Monday: 2/22

Top 100: #85-#71
Feature: A Tribute to Pikachu – 20 years of Pokemon

Tuesday: 2/23

Top 100: #70-#56
Feature: A Newbie’s Guide to Pokemon

Wednesday: 2/24

Top 100: #55-#41
Feature: Pokemon Through the Years – A Timeline

Thursday: 2/25

Top 100: #40-#26
Feature: How Pokemon Became a Pop Culture Sensation in America

Friday: 2/26

Top 100: #25-#11
Feature: The 10 Worst Pokemon Designs

Saturday 2/27 (The Anniversary)

Top 100: The top 10
Feature: 11 Mythical Pokemon You Can Get This Year

Be sure to check back each day as we celebrate 20 years of Pokemon.

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