Resident Evil, the father of survival horror, celebrated its 20th anniversary this week. The Escapist is here to celebrate that milestone.

20 years ago Tuesday, Capcom’s survival horror franchise Resident Evil wrapped its cold grip of terror firmly around the hearts of gamers. It was a massive success, and spawned half a dozen sequels, a stunning remake, countless spin-offs, and a successful film franchise, with movies released both in live action and CG. But more than that, Resident Evil gave birth to an entirely new genre – survival horror.

All this week, The Escapist celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil. Here’s our lineup of coverage for the week:

Monday 3/21 –
Resident Evil Needs a Reboot

Tuesday 3/22 –
Resident Evil – A 20 Year Retrospective
The Worst Companies in The World

Wednesday 3/23 –
Milla Jovovich Vs. Resident Evil
Evolution of the Resident Evil Zombie

Thursday 3/24 –
Behind the Voice – An Interview with Roger Craig Smith

Friday 3/25 –
Surviving Horror – A History of Survival Horror Video Games

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