The Escapist Is Now on Patreon + New Content Announcements!


The Escapist has joined Patreon, and we humbly ask for your support as we continue creating more and new kinds of content for our audience to enjoy! We get a 92% cut of the revenue generated from Patreon, which is significantly more than what we receive from YouTube Memberships. Help us continue to grow and be sustainable by joining up today and get a number of cool perks, from early access to our premium shows a week early, to helping us decide new content we do, to some physical merch, and more!

And for a hint of what’s on the horizon, watch the video above for first teases of Adventure Is Nigh: Side Quest, our EVE Online documentary, and more.

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About the author

Nick Calandra
Nick Calandra has been covering video games for over 14 years, holds a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Journalism and now leads the team at The Escapist. Previously Nick created and led teams at TitanReviews, Velocity Gamer, OnlySP and Gameumentary, before becoming Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist in 2019. He has done everything from covering the smallest of indie games to creating documentaries on some of the most well-known video game franchises in the industry such as Darksiders, Divinity: Original Sin, EVE and more. While his favorite games right now include Rainbow Six Siege and Elden Ring, Nick is constantly experimenting with new genres to expand his gaming tastes and knowledge of the industry.