Our Editor in Chief Julianne Greer guest stars on Minnesota Public Radio to discuss the importance of Spore and yes, mentions the penis monsters.

The curiously named “The Week from In the Loop,” hosted by the affable Jeff Horwich, asked our own Julianne to help explain why Spore is garnering such a buzz. Breaking down the game’s significance for the mainstream listening audience without talking down to them, she outlined Spore‘s basic gameplay, then touched briefly on the potential impact of “Sporn,” saying:

“It is concerning to people who don’t want to be exposed to that…but you can’t really allow the human mind to really go and play and have fun and get outside of the box unless you’re willing to allow all kind of creativity and all kinds of creations.”

Julianne went on to reason that, after the initial shock and/or horror wears off, those who encounter Spore‘s infamous penis monsters will likely find themselves asking, “hey, I wonder what else I can create?”

Head over to In the Loop to give the entire interview a listen.

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