The Entertainment Software Rating Board has joined with the Idaho Attorney General’s Office to launch a new campaign aimed at clarifying videogame ratings to parents.

The ads, to be broadcast on television and radio, feature Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden encouraging parents to use the ESRB rating system when purchasing videogames. He also suggests parents play the games with their kids, in order to ensure the games are appropriate for their children. The announcements are produced and distributed by the ESRB, and will be broadcast over the Christmas season. The Board has also produced a brochure, available on the Attorney General’s website, providing more detailed information.

“Some games contain graphic violence, language and sexual material that are simply not suitable for kids. I know this is a concern for many parents, because I’ve been asked about it many times,” Wasden said. “But, with 1,000 new games released every year, how are parents to make, and help their kids make, good choices? The videogame rating system is a good place to start. It includes age appropriate ratings, along with information about what’s actually in the game.”

“Just like movies and TV shows, videogames are created for a diverse audience of all ages,” ESRB President Patricia Vance added. “That is why it is so important that parents remember to check the rating when choosing games for their children. We are very proud to have the support of Attorney General Wasden in reaching out to Idaho’s parents and educating them about the ratings.”

The ESRB has previously teamed with other state governments in public service announcement campaigns meant to raise awareness of videogame ratings among parents, including Utah, Georgia and Rhode Island, as well as other high-profile organizations such as the Parent Teacher Association, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Penny Arcade.

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