The Force Awakens Trailer Gets Wacky “George Lucas” Version


YouTuber imagines The Force Awakens as one of the “Special Editions.”

The Internet is still working out its reactions to the first trailer for Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens; but one enterprising videomaker is wasting no time reminding fans what otherwise might have been.

YouTuber Michael Shanks took some CGI to the most-anticipated trailer in perhaps a decade to imagine what it might have looked like had ownership of Star Wars not changed hands to Disney back in 2012. As expected, Dewbacks, foreground-clutter and CGI creatures abound, but keep an eye out for more subtle gags as well.

A prolific video-producer, Shanks was also behind video game-based viral hits like “Box Art Battle,” “When Gordon Met Chell,” and “How I Play Skyrim.” Episode VII (the real one) is due out December 2015.

Source: timtimfed


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