YouTuber imagines The Force Awakens as one of the “Special Editions.”

The Internet is still working out its reactions to the first trailer for Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens; but one enterprising videomaker is wasting no time reminding fans what otherwise might have been.

YouTuber Michael Shanks took some CGI to the most-anticipated trailer in perhaps a decade to imagine what it might have looked like had ownership of Star Wars not changed hands to Disney back in 2012. As expected, Dewbacks, foreground-clutter and CGI creatures abound, but keep an eye out for more subtle gags as well.

A prolific video-producer, Shanks was also behind video game-based viral hits like “Box Art Battle,” “When Gordon Met Chell,” and “How I Play Skyrim.” Episode VII (the real one) is due out December 2015.

Source: timtimfed


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